Modules Covered in Sleep Medicine Practical Course

Practicle Modules Covered :

History of Patient

Role play, ask sepcific question regaring sleep like- name, age, problems, symtpoms, case study.

Preparing Patient for Sleep Test

Briefly describe about sleep test, provide information about do's and don't before test, payment and address confromation, finalising date for test.

Demo Equipment / Sensor

Sensor / Sleep study device / level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Hook Up

EOG, EEG, Electrode Placement, 10-20 system, respiratory senso, leg movement sensor.


EEG / EMG / Respiratory Sensor


• PAP device - introduction, working, how to select device for patient.
• Mask - introduction with different types, how to choose best for patient.

Trouble Shooting

How to handle issues faced by technician during sleep test, any case.


During test information noted by technician - diagnostic timing, titration timing, any kind abnormal activity of patient, type of device and mask used.

Ending the Study

Data downloading from diagnostic device and titration device, clening of all sensors and device, handover all document to concerned person.

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